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Wątek: Seven Kingdoms - dyskusja ogólna/ informacje/ link do pobrania

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    Seven Kingdoms - dyskusja ogólna/ informacje/ link do pobrania

    Seven Kingdoms jest modyfikacją zajmującą swoje miejsce w świecie Gry o Tron. Skupia się ona i będzie skupiać wyłącznie na trybie bitewnym - nie uświadczymy w niej kampanii.

    Część zawartości:

    1. 11 grywalnych armii/frakcji (pod kropkami wymienione podfrakcje i ich generałowie):

    - Zza Murem:

    • Nocna Straż: Alliser Thorne, Jeor Mormont, Jon Snow

    • Wolni Ludzie; Styr, Tormund Giantsbane, Mance Rayder

    • Armia Króla Nocy; Horda Trupów, Starożytna Horda Trupów

    - Dorne:

    • Ród Dayne: Edric Dayne

    • Ród Martell: Oberyn Martell

    - Essos:
    • Ród Targaryen: Grey Worm, Daario Naharis, Barristan Selmy, Jorah Mormont

    - Kraina Korony:
    • Królewska Przystań: Bronn, Joffrey Baratheon, Robert Baratheon, Sandor Clegane, Tommen Baratheon

    • Ród Tyrell: Mace Tyrell, Loras Tyrell

    • Ród Baratheon: Renly Baratheon

    • Ród Lannister: Kevan Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Tywin Lannister, Jaime Lannister

    - Żelazne Wyspy:
    • Ród Greyjoy: Euron Greyjoy, Theon Greyjoy, Yara Greyjoy

    - Północ:
    • Ród Hornwood: Larence Snow

    • Ród Bolton: Ramsay Bolton, Roose Bolton

    • Ród Glover: Robert Glover

    • Ród Karstark: Harald Karstark, Rickard Karstark

    • Ród Mormont: Maege Mormont

    • Ród Stark: Rob Stark, Eddard Stark, Jon Snow, Davos Seaworth

    • Ród Umber: Jon ,,Greatjon" Umber, Jon ,,Smalljon" Umber

    • Ród Manderly: Wyman Manderly

    - Reach:
    • Ród Tarly: Randyll Tarly

    • Ród Tyrell: Loras Tyrell, Mace Tyrell

    • Ród Hightower: Baelor Hightower

    - Dorzecze:
    • Ród Frey: Walder Frey

    • Ród Bracken: Jonos Bracken

    • Ród Mallister: Jaremy Mallister

    • Ród Tully: Brynden ,,Blackfish" Tully, Edmure Tully

    - Krainy Burzy:
    • Ród Baratheon (1): Renly Baratheon

    • Ród Baratheon (2): Davos Seaworth, Stannis Baratheon

    - Vale:
    • Ród Arryn: Yohn Royce, Vardis Egen

    • Ród Royce:- (brak generałów)

    - Zachodnie Krainy:
    • Ród Brax: Tytos Brax

    • Ród Lannister: Kevan Lannister, Gregor Clegane, Tywin Lannister, Jaime Lannister


    2. Trailery dla Seven Kingdoms i trzech aktualizacji:

    Aktualizacja ,,Zza Murem"

    Aktualizacja ,,Ogień & Krew"

    Aktualizacja ,,Żelazny Tron"

    3. Link do pobrania (ModDB)

    Źródła: ModDB, kanał YouTube Lepidus, modyfikacja.
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    Blick Mang przedstawił publicznie plan na następne 6-12 miesięcy. Znalazła się w nim następująca zawartość:

    - Bractwo Bez Chorągwi;
    - Ród Lefford (frakcja: Zachodnie Krainy);
    - Ród Cerwyn (frakcja: Północ);
    - Rod Redwyne (frakcja: Reach);
    - coś powiązanego z Rebelią Robert’a Baratheon’a.

    Z ModDB dowiadujemy się również, że do modyfikacji w nieokreślonym czasie zostaną dodane mamuty na szkielecie słoni i jednostki pływające dla rodów: Greyjoy, Manderly itp. oraz dla przyszłych rodów, jeśli takie oddziały zostały udokumentowane w serialu lub książce. Z pewnością w modzie nie ujrzymy za to: smoków, gigantów i Daenerys Targaryen i możliwe, że Białych Wędrowców.

    Nowe odzienie dla jednostek Lannisterów

    Portret dla Beric’a Dondarrion’a (nowsza zawartość; po prawej; przynależność: Bractwo bez Chorągwi) i Randyll'a Tarly'ego (po lewej; stara zawartość; przynależność: Ród Tarly)

    Pełny artykuł ze strony Seven Kingdoms na MoDB:
    Please read the following FAQ section for news on the mod's current status, development plans, and for general technical/troubleshooting information.

    Posted by BlickMang on Aug 10th, 2017

    Please read the following FAQ section for news on the mod's current status, development plans, and for general technical/troubleshooting information.

    What's next?

    Q: What will be added to the mod next?
    A: The most important Houses and characters will be overhauled for better aesthetics. We created the first content for the mod in order of show importance, which means the most prominent and most played content was made when we had the least amount of experience. It will all be polished and overhauled for greater detail and immersion, like the new House Lannister unit pictured below.

    Q: What other changes are planned?
    A: We will make significant changes not only to visuals, but also rosters, gameplay balancing, and even unit cards. The goal is to simplify our tier structure, make it more loyal to the TV show (since so much about large-scale military operations was revealed in Season 7) and also make the Houses/regions feel more unique. Based on feedback from the community, gameplay will be slower, for a more realistic and cinematic experience.

    Q: When will the next update be released?
    A: No idea. We need to take a proper inventory of what needs to be updated and improved, and can only do so once Season 7 is over. When we have a rough idea, it will be posted here in the FAQ and comments section.

    Content & Features
    Q: Will you make a campaign?
    A: No. There are too many limitations to both the Attila toolkit and game engine preventing us from creating a playable, enjoyable, and fully-functional campaign. As both developers and Attila players ourselves, nothing would make us happier than being able to deliver a quality Game of Thrones campaign -- but we simply can’t, and therefore won’t.

    First, the developer tools needed to make such a campaign are either buggy, broken, or non-existent. We can’t modify the map, music, sounds, and are confronted by many hard-coded (unmoddable) features. Creative Assembly, in their own words, said the following about some of these limitations:

    The way we build the campaign map at CA is through a series of processes involving a mix of tech we make and 3rd party tools we don’t own the right to distribute, within a development version of the game. This is the best way for us to create our games, and we don’t use an all-in-one editor that you might be thinking of.

    While it is theoretically possible to create an editor like this, it wouldn’t benefit our development process, would take us a long time and delay the next Total War releasing and would mean that we’d be making an editor and not a game, which is what we would much rather do.

    Secondly, we spent hundreds of hours creating the units and characters in this mod. By releasing a buggy, barely-functional campaign (for example, with units/names replaced on a map of Europe), this opens up our hard work to nothing but complaints and negative feedback. If fans can’t understand why we can’t add dragons to Attila, how will we get them to understand why Stark soldiers in Spain are shouting “FOR ROME!” with a barbarian accent? Quality and feedback may not matter to fans who just want something to play, but they matter to us creating the mod and putting our names on it.

    Q: Will you add naval units?
    A: Yes. They’ll be added to House Greyjoy, Manderly, etc. and then added alongside future Houses if they’d have them available in the books or show (e.g. House Redwyne)

    Q: Daenerys Targaryen? Female units?
    A: Without getting too political, a firm no to both. Try a full fantasy game like Battlefield 1.

    Q: Will you add dragons?
    A: No, Attila doesn’t allow them to be rigged, animated, or coded correctly. It’s a medieval battle game, not a fantasy title like Warhammer, and that comes with very obvious limitations. Trying to add stuff you don't see in the base game itself -- like dragons, giants, etc. -- is like trying to add airplane wings to a car and make it fly. It just can't be done.

    Q: Will you add giants?
    A: No, they look ridiculous in-game and don’t work correctly. Again, Attila is a medieval battle game and not a fantasy title like Warhammer. The game isn't designed for it.

    Q: Will you add mammoths?
    A: Yes, but no idea when. In comparison to giants or dragons, something like this is possible since the skeleton shares the same animation rig as Attila elephants.

    Q: Will you add White Walkers?
    A: Probably not, but we’ll wait until after Season 7 or Season 8 to make a final decision. It’s not possible to arm units with dragonglass, make them more susceptible to fire damage than others, etc. and so we need a better understanding of how they’d fight to determine if balancing is possible. Probably not, though.

    Q: Will you add House Targaryen from pre-show time periods? A young Robert Baratheon? A young Ned Stark?
    A: Yes, eventually. At some point in the future a “Robert’s Rebellion” update will contain important Houses and characters from this time period. We may even create other updates focused on additional time periods, but that’s so far down the road it’s not worth thinking about.

    Q: Will you add House Forrester, House Whitehill, or any other content from the Telltale games?
    A: No. There’s a game for that stuff already, it’s insignificant and a waste of time for us.

    Q: What maps will you make in the future?
    A: There are many limitations to map making with the Attila toolkit (background tiles, weather, seasons, siege equipment, etc.), and so only very specific locations can be chosen. Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and Casterly Rock are planned. This FAQ will be updated in the future if more are added to this list.

    Q: Will you add siege maps at big castles? Or King’s Landing?
    A: Creating models for custom maps is an extremely long, time-consuming process. Mr. Jox at Rise of Mordor only recently figured out how to create functioning custom walls, but siege equipment and other necessities are still a mystery. To put this in perspective, one section of wall would require the same amount of time to make as a regular House. Unless someone wants to PayPal me a year’s salary so I can invest this amount of time in map making (in addition to creating all the Houses fans want…), you’ll never see large, complex castles or large cities like King’s Landing.

    We do need at least one real siege map, though, so I plan on making Casterly Rock. It's simple, flat, and easily transferable into the Attila engine.

    Q: What Houses will you make in the future?
    A: Game of Thrones is a massive universe, and it would take us 5-6 years to make all the Houses and units possible. For this reason Houses are chosen by KevTaylor and I together to ensure it’s something we’re both motivated to make. As the content is shouldered by only two people, our own motivation must come before public demand, otherwise nothing would get done, and the mod would collapse. Please be patient with us and don’t bug us or pester us with "Will you add House X?" questions -- when we decide and know, you will be informed.

    For now, here's what's on our radar for the next 6-12 months:
    - Brotherhood Without Banners
    - House Lefford (the Westerlands)
    - House Cerwyn (the North)
    - House Redwyne (the Reach)
    - Robert's Rebellion content

    Q: What historical battle scenarios will you make in the future?
    A: Quite a few. We’re able to cover very basic land battles, dependent upon what maps are available that fit (if any). For example we can make a Battle of Oxcross relatively quickly and easily, but adding the Siege of Dragonstone is a near impossibility. This FAQ will be updated in the future when we have a more finalized list of future content.

    Technical Issues / Troubleshooting

    Q: What do I need to run the mod? Are DLCs required?
    A: You only need a LEGAL, PURCHASED copy of Attila: Total War, available on Steam. No DLCs are required.

    Q: Where do I download the mod?
    A: In the files section, or here: Moddb.com

    Q: Which version do I download? All of them?
    A: You only need the latest version of the mod (1.04)

    Q: How do I install the mod?
    1. Ensure you have WinZip, WinRar, or some other program to open .rar files.
    2. Download the mod, open it, and move "Seven_Kingdoms.pack" contained in the file to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Total War Attila\data.
    3. If Seven Kingdoms is already installed, overwrite the old Seven_Kingdoms.pack with the new one.
    4. Launch Attila
    5. When the game launcher opens, activate "Seven_Kingdoms" using the "Mod Manager" button (simply click the check box next to the mod). Make sure "enable out-of-date mods" is checked.
    6. That's it!

    Q: My game is crashing at the custom battle screen, what do I do?
    A: Go to your AppData folder (try searching for %appdata% with Windows). Mine is located at C:\Users\BlickMang\AppData\Roaming\The Creative Assembly\Attila . Delete the folder "battle_preferences" and restart the game.

    Q: There are no names or text displayed in-game, what do I do?
    A: Change your game language to English. We don’t yet have translations for the text.

    Q: The mod still doesn’t work. What do I do?
    A: Follow the installation instructions step-by-step. The mod works, 100%, and we know this with absolute certainty after 50,000+ downloads. If it’s not working for you, you did not follow the instructions correctly. Follow them step-by-step!

    Źródła: ModDB, twórca moda – Blick Mang, Google Grafiki, piesnloduiognia.pl, awoiaf.westeros.org, graotron.wikia.com, gameofthrones.wikia.com.
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