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Wątek: Download i instalacja (aktualna wersja - 1.2.5)

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    Sep 2014
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    Zmiany w wersji 1.2.07:

    Crash fixes
    - Fixed AI turn crash issue resulting from liberating basic barbarian minor towns.

    Battle Changes
    - Small morale tweaks.
    - Cavalry charge slightly better.
    - Small changes to hoplite and pike spacing.
    - Small changes to hoplite and pike formation bonuses.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fix praetorians having reversed upgrades
    - Fixed egy citizen militia again just in case they are still invisible for some.
    - Fixed some emergent factions having reform units for generals so they would spawn without a general.
    - Fixed tier 5 sparta barracks missing effects
    - Fixed a lot of incorrect German unit descriptions.
    - Moved some German units around in barracks tiers.
    - Fixed eastern slinger unit size
    - Reverted some emergent faction general appearance changes for now.
    - Altered some effects on the farm warhorse chain.
    - Fixed voice entry for 2 carthage units.
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    Sep 2014
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    Wyszła nowa wersja DeI, której główną zmianą jest wdrożenie nowych zasad działania sztucznej inteligencji w kampanii. Aby zadziałała, należy nadpisać pierwszą część moda po ponownym pobraniu.

    Szczegóły zmian po aktualizacji:


    Battle Changes
    - Many stat fixes for various units.
    - Scordisci units slightly buffed in some places, assigned proper hoplite/pike behaviour to phalanx using units
    - Ranged damage slightly nerfed
    - Added base armour of 1, increased armour value of 2 to 3 - for balance sake it is easier to manage damage if there is any armour present at all.
    - Animation entry fixes here and there
    - Ekdromoi Hoplites function as "Chase" hoplites, which was their historical role. They do not use phalanx but run very fast and have good charge.
    - Attribute changes here and there
    - Levy and regular barbarian units have much more chaotic spacing
    - Arrow towers have slightly more arrows per volley and bigger range
    - Small tweaks to fatigue system
    - Units in woods have slightly better cover from projectiles
    - Cavalry charge slightly buffed

    Campaign AI Overhaul
    - Lots of changes to campaign AI settings, see this thread for details:
    - This will affect AI in save games (hopefully for the better)

    - Changed Eastern forum market building to be a food building since they already have the spice market building.
    - Added 2 new loading screens (thanks Tene!)
    - Increased starting celtic culture in germania minor (new campaign only)
    - Increased starting hellenic culture slightly in narbonensis (new campaign only)
    - Increased money gained from sacking.
    - Changed bonus ammunition effects to only affect missile units.
    - Lowered imperium diplomacy penalties a bit for lower/mid imperium levels.
    - Small reduction to attrition while sieging for attacker.
    - Small reduction to foreign culture PO negative at lowest imperium levels.
    - Small increase to income at lowest imperium levels to help small faction starts.
    - Added/fixed various unit cards.
    - Increased army cap by 2 at higher imperium levels.
    - Increased navy cap by 1 at higher imperium levels.
    - Lowered amount of battles required to level up political rank.

    Smaller fixes
    - Fixed Panormos emergent faction using Rome army names.
    - Fixed Pergamon thorax hoplites missing phalanx ability.
    - Changed Syracuse ruling party name to Hieronid.
    - Changed starting Syracuse general name (new campaign only)
    - Fixed incorrect text for one of Chiefdom government type's influence levels.
    - Fixed a sword attribute group having the wrong hide type associated (grass instead of forest)
    - Fixed Atropatkan roster missing ballista entries, fixed some mistakes in their recruitment entries
    - Removed some vanilla naked troops from celtic rosters.
    - Fixed stats for Massilian heavy marines.
    - Fixed various african factions using eastern naval units, fixed their descriptions.
    - Reverted Pella back to a normal major city for now due to a strange battle map bug (new campaign only).
    - Fixed some minor faction character/navy skills
    - Fixed pergamon ascelpius building missing effects
    - Fixed special ports not properly acting as supply line centers.
    - Fixed a Massilian unit missing from reforms.
    - Fixed Rorarii missing in roman custom battle roster.
    - Fixed Edetani and Lusitani missing AOR unit permissions.
    - Fixed minor townships variants being too high priced.
    - Fixed iberian garrison swords missing javelin models.
    - Added armor to Thracian peltasts, improved shields of an AOR unit.
    - Fixed bug where returning general to statesmen would level up his rank.
    - Fixed incorrect recruitment settings for Massalian hoplites and Thorax hoplites.

    Oddzielnie można ściągnąć także testowy plik zawierający poprawki niektórych bugów itp. - link.
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    Zmiany w wersji 1.2.09a:


    Battle Changes
    - Various stat and animations fixes and changes.
    - Pikes should have a bit better morale now.
    - Changed UI value scale for some stats for better display.
    - Iberians have 2 ammo for their melee and spear infantry.
    - Buffed growth of morale due to unit experience.
    - Bigger bonus for pike phalanx vs elephants.
    - Units should be slightly less eager to rout.

    - Increased some CAI reliability settings for a few factions.
    - Made trade agreements and non-aggression pacts a little easier to get, especially with friendly nations.
    - Changed some agent personality traits that had too many negatives and not enough positives.
    - Lowered the tax bonus previously given to player factions a bit.
    - Added baggage train recruitment for eastern, hellenic and roman factions to the public guard chain in minor towns.
    - Small decrease to some imperium diplomacy penalties.

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fixed some incorrect political party government texts.
    - Changed Legatus description to make it clearer he is both Marian and Imperial general option.
    - Altered Parthian's alternate army composition template to reduce infantry numbers a little.
    - Fixed a bug where Under siege would improperly show as a positive population modifier
    - Fixed population size/tier entries for many Baktrian units.
    - Fixed some incorrect effects for hellenic military ports.
    - Fixed massalian hoplites and greek thorax spears missing proper unit sets (so they wouldn't get proper bonuses)
    - Fixed bactrian horse archers having double stamina entry.
    - Fixed Asagarta emergent faction name and symbol.
    - Added infantry bodyguard option for Taksashila.
    - Fixed 2 massalia cav units missing wedge formation.
    - Changed some effects for eastern minor stadia buildings.
    - Fixed tier 4 horse forum building effect not working properly.
    - Fixed iberian cultures not being properly affected by another faction's expansionism penalty.
    - Increased cost of Gaesatae unit.
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    Wersja 1.2.09b:


    - Reduced AI diplomacy likeliness to declare war settings.
    - Changed threshholds for friendly and very friendly back to vanilla values.
    - Increased cultural multipliers back to previous levels for diplomacy (should be friendlier with similar cultures)
    - Increased reliability values assigned to the different reliability ranks, most factions should be more reliable in diplomacy.
    - Added some updated unit cards.
    - Small increase to spies/champions amount at higher imperium levels.
    - Changed "initial challenge" at faction selection to "recommended difficulty" for factions.
    - Small reduction to walls/towers hitpoint values.
    - Added Roman cheekguard changes (now closed rather than open) - thanks to Glado!

    Smaller Fixes
    - Fixed a crash issue at max imperium in CiG.
    - Fixed rank depth for Atropatkan elite cav unit.
    - Fixed tier 4 hellenic sanitation PO effect being too low.
    - Fixed wrong/missing recruitment settings for 2 british units.
    - Fixed some auxiliary units not being properly assigned to aux unit sets.
    - Fixed morale settings for high unit casualties and another incorrect entry.
    - Fixed mauryan greek hoplites missing phalanx ability.
    - Fixed AOR indo-hellenic thureos unit name to better describe them.
    - Fixed AOR judean thureos unit missing javelins
    - Fixed some more baktrian pop unit sizes
    - Fixed special ports missing eastern tech requirements.
    - Fixed egyptian citizen cav missing swords in combat.
    - Removed testudo from an imitation legion unit incorrectly assigned.
    - Fixed missing AOR balearic slingers in HatG (new campaign only)
    - Small increase to baggage train movement values.
    - Fixed missing weapon/wrong animation for lugii cav unit.
    - Fixed emergent bithynia faction general options
    - Moved sparta tier 3 AOR units down to tier 2 since only sparta can build tier 3.
    - Fixed massalia celto hellenic unit morale value.
    - Fixed various factions having smaller numbers of ballista/artillery pieces per unit than they should.
    - Fixed AOR iberian unit missing javelins.
    - Fixed syracuse pikes missing shields.
    - Fixed parthian bodyguard unit being recruitable.
    - Fixed late triarii/allied units not properly using their specialized animations.
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    Sep 2014
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    Nowe DeI zostało oficjalnie wydane. Zaktualizowano wersje non-Steam i Steam modyfikacji.
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    Wszystkie linki zaktualizowane przez twórców pod nową wersję moda - 1.2.2.
    ,,Vae Victis"

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    Sep 2014
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    Nowa wersja DeI, 1.2.2a, wyszła przedwczoraj. Wprowadza ona drobne poprawki, a oto lista jej zmian:
    Battle Changes:
    - Pikes and Hoplites are less likely to punch a hole through lines.
    - Cavalry should have an easier time disengaging from hoplite infantry.
    - Cavalry unit hitpoints increased by 5.
    - Cavalry vs cavalry charge made less lethal.
    - Shock Cav has a bit lowered attack and defence values. They are also now a bit worse vs other cav, a bit better vs infantry.
    - Shock cavalry deals more kills to spear/sword cavalry on charge but takes higher casualties as combat goes on
    - All cavalry units have proper stats when dismounted
    - Indian Heavy Swordsmen slightly nerfed but still stand out above most other infantry units
    - Bosphoran Thorax Swords slightly weaker, Elite Thorax Swords slightly better.
    - Heaviest cataphracts more useful when punching through heavy infantry

    Other Fixes:
    - All core Numidian cavalry now have 120 men, javelin type infantry all have 200 men.
    - Land Supply Units now have 120 instead of 60 men per unit, defence heavily buffed (They should suffer less due to autoresolve now)
    - Fixed first spawning Syracuse family member being a repeat of starting character (Hiero II)
    - Fixed new Getae roster missing naval and supply units.
    - Fixed Pontic Galatian sword unit with bugged skins.
    - Fixed Sogdian units with missing hats, incorrect beards.
    - Fixed Atropatkan general missing legs.
    - Fixed Arverni clubmen missing javelin models in combat.
    - Fixed sarmatio-dacian elite archer unit missing legs.
    - Fixed various unit population size assignments.
    - Fixed Athenian militia hoplites missing swords in combat.
    - Fixed some incorrect textures in some Pontic thorax units.
    - Fixed germanic berserker weapon bug.
    - Fixed missing arms on an Armenian general.
    - Fixed tier 3 major trade ports missing edict buff.
    - Fixed bad texture for some red Hellenic helmets.
    - Fixed multiple infantry units having cavalry wedge formation.
    - Fixed Numidian javelin AOR unit size.

    Podejrzewam, że osoby korzystające z wersji Steam moda nie muszą się martwić o ponowne pobieranie, zaś ludzie grający na wersji non-Steam powinni znowu ściągnąć tylko część 1. DeI.
    ,,Vae Victis"

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    Modderzy od DeI utworzyli w przeciągu ostatnich dni dwie nowe, opcjonalne wersje moda, z czego jedna wiąże się z betą patcha do Rome 2. Wersja 1.2.2b składa się właściwie z dwóch części dedykowanych innym aspektom: pierwsza czyni DeI kompatybilną z Power and Politics i wprowadza jak na razie niewielką ilość nowości. Druga za to jest poświęcona przeróbce oddziaływania statystyk bitewnych na jednostki.

    Główna zmiana w bitwach zaszła przy przeliczniku szans na uderzenie, który od teraz funkcjonuje poprawnie według zasady (atak wręcz + podstawowe szanse na uderzenie) - obrona wręcz innej jednostki = szansa na uderzenie. Inne to np. zwiększenie wpływu zmęczenia na obronę i większa wartość obrony tarczą w stosunku do obrony personalnej w toku męczącej walki.

    Zmiany w wersji 1.2.2b ogółem:
    - Added compatibility for the new Politics & Power beta. See this thread for more information.
    - Added new model for the Roman Cardiophylax (chestplate) from Stealth4Health - thanks for allowing us to use it!
    - Changed Caledones negative faction trait to help improve starting situation.
    - Lowered battles required for political rank advancement.

    Battle Changes
    Due to extensive testing we were able to track certain parts of the battle engine that did not work as we wanted to or thought that we do not have sufficient control:
    - Hit chance. This value is calculated like this: (Melee Attack + Base Hit chance) - Melee defence = Hit chance. Final value can't go below minimum hit chance and above max hit chance. This meant that before if a unit had 40 melee attack (so around elite status), 15% base hit chance and was attacking a unit of medium quality (60+ defence), the overall calculation was 55-60=-5. As you can see, this meant that pretty much most units would get negative hit chance. But, since minimum hit chance was at 10% no matter what, most units would hit that 10% most of the time, meaning that overall melee and defence stats did not matter (And also explained why falx unist were that good as they were able to hit above 10%).
    - In new stat system, minimum hit chance got lowered to 5% while overall unit melee attack was increased and melee defence lowered. This means that unit stats matter a lot more.
    - Overall defence, while lowered, matters a lot more now as the values rely more on personal defence than on shield defence as before. Due to errors in combat calculations, shields seem to be also included for flanking combat and were not affected by fatigue, making an exhausted unit not that much of a weaker target.
    - Flanking and fatigue are much more important as the penalties for them are applied correctly.
    - Cavalry charges should work better and be more consistent as their hit chance and damage will be correctly applied
    - Certain units, especially those with small shields and with two handed weapons, have good starting defence but since personal defence skill is lowered by fatigue they tend to suffer more than units with good shields. This means that certain shock units will be very good at early stages of combat but if the line will hold, the roles might reverse.
    - Units of marines slightly nerfed, few slightly buffed.
    -Added Formation Attack to some Roman units (For testing purpose, not yet added for all, please report how it works) - with changes I made in past few months Formation Attack seems to behave a lot better
    -Added more realistic spacing for most of ranged infantry, overtime it will be tweaked to be more unit specific (like some being more disciplined, some in more spaced out order), please report how it performs

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed Late Bactrian Cataphracts missing legs.
    - Disabled Pontos' Ariobarzanes character spawn since he is a starting character.
    - Fixed Syracuse chapter 8 mission having wrong technology requirement.
    - Fixed wrong size of starting Arevaci bodyguard unit (new campaign only)
    - Fixed faction unique Rosemarl building not being buildable.
    - Fixed some German rebellion units being incorrect (were vanilla units/stats)
    - Fixed Sparta main building displaying incorrect population bonuses.
    - Fixed starting Arverni generals having old units as bodyguard options (new campaign only)
    - Fixed late Oathsworn having 2 stamina abilities.
    - Fixed starting Iceni spy missing name.

    - Thanks to Stealth4Health for allowing us use of his new Roman Cardiophylax model

    Szczegółowa lista zmian dla bety Power and Politics:
    Previous Changes
    - This update includes the battle stat overhaul that was in progress in the 1.2.2b fix pack. We are still working on that actively, but we have rolled those changes into this new version to keep it all in one place.
    - This pack also includes other fixes and changes from that fix pack. See the fix pack thread for details.

    Politics System
    - The base vanilla political system is now in with a few modifications to some effects.
    - Added loyalty effects to imperium levels and political ranks.
    - Changed the political rank system so that you can now buy some earlier ranks, later ranks still earned through battle. You can still earn early ranks through battle. We may alter this in the future.
    - For now, all GC factions still start with 4 political parties. We will see how that is balanced - perhaps we will reduce some in the future. All factions can have up to 7 parties now, but various names will be placeholders until we can work on that.
    - We do plan to modify the political system in the future, depending on just how much is possible to mod.

    Building/Unit UI
    - The new building and unit UI seems to work for the most part. There may be some missing buildings in trees, it hasn't fully been tested yet.
    - There will be a lot of missing or incorrect text entries for the unit and building UI until we have a chance to work on that. Specifically, the longer descriptions may be wrong and the strengths/weaknesses texts will not be accurate.
    - We have plans for fleshing this out a lot more.

    Known issues:
    - Due to a new bug introduced to unit abilities and defense, we have had to alter some phalanx entries. Pike and hoplite phalanx units will be a bit tougher when in phalanx for now.
    - Custom battle rosters are now divided up into campaign sections, so we haven't edited that much. We may end up adding factions from other campaigns there eventually. Also we may have to add back imperial units to Rome's normal roster since you can no longer do cross-campaign custom battles.
    - As stated above, various text entries will be wrong/missing.
    - For now there is only 1 civil war group per playable faction.

    Future Plans
    There are a lot of new and exciting features with this update that we plan on exploring further over the next few months. We don't have very specific plans, yet. I have been in fix-mode over the past few days just to get the mod running, so that triage perspective doesn't lend itself to much modding depth. However, we do have some generalized ideas:
    - We will continue working on the battle stat update that was previously in progress before being so rudely interrupted by new content . There is still various balancing things to do for that update, but we feel the progress so far is very promising. There will probably also be plenty of things to fix for battles because every CA update seems to inevitably break something.
    - With the new UI and text entries, we have a lot of things we can add to the mod. There are now places for more in-depth descriptions. We can take better advantage of some of our longer unit descriptions and add/fix a whole lot more. Right now many are wrong or missing. We also had plans to improve on a lot of the vanilla descriptions still in the mod, so this would be a chance to do that. There is also the strength/weakness section for units now that is promising but is totally untouched right now.
    - The political and government system is currently mostly as it is in vanilla, but we want to improve and expand on the system. We haven't had a chance to see just how much is moddable, but we would like to expand on the government types and hopefully make the system even more impactful and interactive.
    - The new DLC campaign is also on the horizon and some of our members have plans to dive into that time period. Since it is a lot of work and quite a bit of new content, we have no idea on any timeframe for that at this time.

    Lista zmian w testowym 1.2.2c:
    Population System (Thanks to Litharion!)
    - Naval recruitment changed: The closest port region is now used for replenishment and recruitment instead of the capital unless there is no port.
    - City names now added for unit recruitment so you can see what city the unit is drawing population from.

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed civil war crash. Civil wars still have reform units in newly spawned armies, unfortunately.
    - Changed political starting parties in GC to 2 to fit new political system for now (not sure if we are keeping this or not yet)
    - Added some new ancillaries from new DLC into older campaigns.
    - Changed non-empire faction leader public order traits to be local rather than global.
    - Fixed range buff display error.

    How You Can Help
    I need some help testing various campaigns and new campaigns with civil wars. To trigger a civil war, simply "Purge" the other political party for a few turns. It should easily get the % to 100 and it will trigger a Secession. If you are able to help test, please post if a civil war crashes your game or not. I need to test these two scenarios using this fix pack:
    1.) New campaigns - basically just get to turn 20, purge a few times and it should trigger.
    2.) Save games - same thing, purge a few times and it should trigger.

    1.2.2c wymaga pobranego 1.2.2b.

    1. Link do pobrania 1.2.2b:
    - Część 1 (Google Drive) lub Część 1 (mediafire)
    - Część 2 (Google Drive) lub Część 2 (mediafire)

    2. Link do pobrania 1.2.2c
    ,,Vae Victis"

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    Wersja 1.2.2d1 Divide et Impera została wydana. Jako jedyna jest ona kompatybilna z najnowszym patchem i DLC - Empire Divided. Dla wersji non-Steam zaktualizowano tylko link 1, dla wersji Steam - wszystkie części.

    Rzucające się w oczy zmiany, to:
    - wprowadzenie budynków sanitarnych oddziałujących na całą prowincję
    - wdrożenie mechanik bandytyzmu i kultów dla wszystkich kampanii
    - dodanie nowych typów rządów.

    Lista zmian - 1.2.2d:
    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed cavalry dismount bug.
    - Large tweaks to unit spacing, especially ranged infantry and cavalry
    - Cavalry deals more reasonable kills against eachother during charge
    - Scythed chariots reworked, more usefull for both player and the AI (Other chariots will get some love later)
    - Hopefully fixed issue with units getting huge speed buffs for no reason
    - Small tweaks to morale and fatigue
    - Javelins of skirmisher infantry a bit better vs armour
    - Another phase of stat rework, base hit chance fully gone without making all too slow.
    - Garrison units a bit stronger

    Reforms Fixes (thanks to Litharion!)
    - Fixed reforms bug where global reforms wouldn't trigger when the player loaded or had a battle at the reform's turn. This should also fix factions that rely on global reforms like Armenia and Odryssia.
    - Fixed Multiplayer desync bug when reforms hit.
    - Fixed a bug where the second player's reforms wouldn't always work, especially when that player was the same culture as the host.
    - These fixes will not fix bugged save games that have already passed reforms.

    Government & Politics
    - Added multiple new government types for various factions.
    - Changed starting governments for some factions based on their political traditions.
    - Changed government effects.

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - New campaign (Empire Divided) works with DeI but does not have our building system, units or AOR system for now.
    - Added banditry and plagues (sanitation/squalor) to all campaigns. Various new building effects impact these. Building effects may change or be further balanced in the future. Save games will have negatives from this, be warned!
    - Added new DLC UI skin as Roman base UI for other campaigns.
    - Updated and fixed faction trait display UI at faction selection screen. Also added more information there about the faction's political tradition and starting challenge.
    - Fixed UI displaying wrong Manpower when cancelling recruitment.
    - Various improvements to population script functions.
    - Removed various reform units from civil war army spawns.
    - Added region name display for mercenary recruitment.
    - Fixed Spartan hoplites missing from Macedonian Wars roster.

    Lista zmian - 1.2.2d1:
    - Fixed general's icons (zeal, authority, subterfuge) floating off screen.
    - Added new effect for sewer and medical buildings - now they add sanitation to all the regions in a province.
    - Lowered squalor effects by 1 on all buildings, lowered plague chances a bit.
    - Reduced banditry's food effect.
    - Added banditry reduction to patrol region stance.
    - Added banditry reduction to the following character skills: Mercenary Connections, Master of Scouts, Agriculturalist, Sworn Bodyguards, Political Animal
    - Added banditry and sanitation improvement effects to various technologies.
    - Added darker background for new Roman UI to help with reading white text.
    - Fixed Empire Divided campaign missing recruitment points for region ownership.
    - Added other campaign faction rosters to custom battle selection, may be some errant units here and there.
    - Added Imperial Roman units back into GC Roman custom battle roster.
    - Pike and Hoplite formation bonuses reworked
    - Shield missile block chance slightly increased
    - Slight spacing rework of untrained barbarian infantry
    ,,Vae Victis"

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    W grudniu ukazały się jeszcze aktualizacje 1.2.2e i 1.2.2f. Wszystkie poświęcone są poprawkom do bitew i nowemu systemowi buntów satrapii Seleucydów. 1.2.2e dostosowuje też parę aspektów kampanii listopadowego dodatku do założeń modyfikacji, np. wprowadza częściowy balans jednostek i system budynków z DeI.
    Warto wspomnieć, że pewne zmiany w Empire Divided zachodzą tylko na nowo rozpoczętych kampaniach i nie dotyczą starszych zapisów rozgrywki.

    Szczegółowa lista zmian v1.2.2e:
    Battles Fixes/Changes
    - Fixed pike formation deactivating inside some city locations. It still should not be useable on walls.
    - Rebalanced hoplite, shieldwall and pike formation bonuses, they should be much more balanced now.
    - All units except hoplites and pikes have +5HP (Hoplites and pikes have increased frontal defence)
    - Ranged combat rebalanced
    - Melee kill ratio toned down
    - Large morale rebalance, morale is more important in nearby area, less important for overall army (for example rout of the enemy left wing will impact the center but not the right wing, which would not be even aware of it)
    - Formation Attack reworked, we have found a way to mod bonuses of it, now units using them will perform better and not be defeated by units with same stats but not using it or by hoplites and pikes, which before always defeated them. You should never turn if off as of this patch.
    - Fatigue tweaks, it takes more to get into higher exhaustion states (to support longer battles)
    - Supply trains now increase morale of nearby units
    - Imitation legionaires now have Formation Attack and Defensive Testudo
    - All melee infantry have ammo reduced to 1 and reload speed reduced to 1 second
    - Reworked firing arcs of ranged units, there should be much less friendly fire, especially on the AI side
    - Garrison archers morale reduced by 5

    New Empire Divided Campaign Changes
    - First overhaul of unit stats for 3c units to be more in line with DeI stats.
    - Added DeI's custom building system to Empire Divided (new campaign only)
    - Added AOR, Auxiliary, Mercenary, Naval and Garrison units to the new campaign (new campaign only). For now the unit cards don't match with the new campaign.
    - Fixed AI in the new 3c campaign missing recruitment priority entries.
    - Fixed background skills not triggering for starting characters in 3c campaign.
    - Fixed 3c units having too low campaign movement points

    New Seleucid Revolt System (thanks to Litharion!)
    - The Seleucid satrapies will now revolt after a semi-random amount of time.
    - For the Seleucid player, this is dependent on diplomatic relations and on satrapy army size. For the AI Seleucids, this is only dependent on army size.
    - This will happen in save games, so be warned!

    Other Changes/Fixes
    - Lowered empire maintenance and upkeep penalties a bit from imperium level to better balance expansion with banditry.
    - Fixed bug where larger populations lowered income rather than raising it.
    - Fixed fleets replenishing from capitals instead of local ports sometimes.
    - Added political loyalty effects to the faction leader good/neutral/bad faction effect system.
    - Fixed political instability from loss of faction leader disappearing too early. It will last 6 turns and can be stopped by moving your new leader to your capital or assigning him to an office, as long as he doesn't have a negative trait.
    - Fixed province pop disappearing in the province details panel when activating/deactivating taxes
    - Fixed double Recruitment tool tip after quickly cancelling 2 queued units
    - Fixed missing Recruitment tool tip when merging units while the recruitment panel is open
    - Fixed champion unit card extending too far down.
    - Fixed starting Roman general unit card having SPQR in red over top of the image.
    - Fixed GC starting season bug - should start in Winter now.
    - Fixed Spartan roster in Mac wars missing spartan hoplites.
    - Fixed Roman copper towns tier 3 trade/fort variants having incorrect garrison settings.
    - Fixed some Spartan spear units not benefiting from +spear effects.
    - Fixed Taksashila missing naval roster in custom battle.
    - Fixed 2 Galatian units having wrong unit cards.
    - Fixed Roman tech tree icons being reversed.
    - Fixed incorrect sanitation/banditry effects on Vulcan temple and wine forum building.
    - Lowered Triarii and hoplite recruitment priorities for Roman armies.
    - Fixed reforms missing for German factions in CiG (new campaign only)
    - Fixed mine/quarry buildings missing squalor effects.
    - Updated/swapped unit cards for Late Hastati and Hastati Samnitici.
    - Fixed emergent faction in Iconium having same emblem as Pergamon.

    Szczegółowa lista zmian v1.2.2f:
    Battle Changes/Fixes
    - Fixed a CA issue in the latest patch with morale, power bar and autoresolve calculations concerning ranged attacks. This should help fix the issue with autoresolve being calculated incorrectly after the last game update and with the power bar/morale problem.
    - Multiple morale fixes.
    - Elephants kill ratio slightly toned down in melee but they have an easier time moving through enemy troops.
    - Various changes/fixes to further balance pikes/hoplites including vs formed attack
    - Fixed militia hoplites having incorrect hp settings.
    - Charge bonus lasts slightly longer
    - Short Pike Phalanx formation bonuses fixed
    - Formed Attack and Disciplined formation added to remaining Thorax Swords and Imitation Legionaries
    - Added Formed Attack to Thorakitai spear units (please report if they work properly with it in the long run)
    - Small tweaks to a few unit stats
    - Changed rear defence penalty from 0.2 to 0.1
    - Fixed berserkers in ED campaign having too many hp.

    Supply/Population System
    - Global Logistics system is now more important. The global logistics level can be checked in the faction summary screen.
    - Added global logistics level effect description for various army effects, so it is obvious how the army is impacting the global logistics level.
    - Increased upkeep for armies from global logistics system, decreased upkeep from imperium level.
    - Decreased AI supply usage to help with AI armies in player lands and with AI attrition.
    - Reduced allied army food usage by 1 in allied territories.
    - Fixed disbanding not always giving population back. It should now give the population back on the same turn.
    - Fixed supply lines effect sometimes not properly triggering in MP or for the AI
    - Fixed bug where region population sometimes wouldn't show up when moused over.
    - Improved economic description section of region population pop up.

    Seleucid Revolt System
    - Changed trigger for Seleucid player revolt to require neutral relations rather than negative relations.
    - Fixed a bug where the rebel chance could become negative, now there will always be a at least a small chance of revolt.

    AI Bonuses Changed
    - Instead of having AI bonuses only based on difficulty level and applied as one value, we have moved some bonuses to a script based on imperium.
    - This means that the smaller AI factions won't have the very large bonuses that were necessary to sustain the larger AI factions. Hopefully this will help make the early game a little less difficult as smaller factions and it will make raiding and sieging smaller AI factions have more impact.
    - Bonuses include things like food, upkeep/cost, corruption, etc.

    - Fixed new Empire Divided factions missing rebellion units.
    - Removed some of the more anachronistic MERC and AOR units from the Empire Divided campaign (Mercs - new campaign only)
    - Added updated unit cards for some units including Taksashila, German units and some Greek units. Thanks sourav!
    - Fixed barbarian recruitment building tier 3/4 having wrong banditry effects.
    - Changed Galatian spearmen, swordsmen and AOR Galatian warriors to tier 3 pop class.
    - Galatian chosen swords now upgrade to legionaries after reforms.
    - Fixed Tarantine white shield AOR unit's population size.
    - Added Colosseum and Circus Maximus for all Roman factions, changed Circus to only be from horse forum line.
    - Added empire maintenance reduction technologies to Empire Divided campaign.
    - Fixed some nomadic political rank +range effects being too high.
    - Fixed Publius Cornelius Scipio the younger in HatG being in wrong party (new campaign only), changed name of father to "the Elder"
    - Fixed typo in Roman Nobiles faction description.
    - Fixed Roman HatG starting generals not being Polybian (new campaign only)
    - Fixed Supply/Food label in Roman UI region window
    - Slight change to AI's evaluation of armies when deciding to attack.
    - Removed incorrect effect on the mine building chain.
    - Fixed typo in Nervii faction trait description.
    - Fixed Massyli general bugged appearance.
    - Removed some of the cracks/fissures from the new Roman UI for campaigns other than Empire Divided.
    - Fixed cattle buildings not adding to banditry (still less than farms), military ports now reduce banditry.
    - Removed Marian units from civil war rosters for Rome (hopefully this works)
    - Added silk to HatG in Mauretania (new campaign only)

    - Thanks to sourav for creating some new unit cards for various outdated units!
    ,,Vae Victis"

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